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If you are looking for fun things to make your trip in Münster energetic and exciting, or if you want to explore some of the most important sights of Münster in Germany, you will find everything you need to know here. Further information: "Münster geht aus" can be purchased at the tourist office (see translated listing of Münster - geht - aus). In this article we will introduce some of the best things we have done in and around Munter Deutschland. Here you will also find our article on tour tips and our guide to the most popular sights in the city.

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We recommend you extend your travel time so that you can discover all the interesting places in Münster. If you are travelling anywhere in the area, you want to be sure you know All cool, only - in Münster. So if you're looking for some good things to do for your weekend with a few kids and / or kids, check out our tips - on - do with - Münster for more information.

Those who decide to visit the Mühlenhof open-air museum in Münster can decide whether they want to visit the Sachsenhof open-air museum or not. On the All-Star Tour you have the choice between two options: Back to Münster or a full-day city tour to Berlin.

It is also known as the Museum of Furs and is a very popular stop in Münster, because of its unique collection of furs, fur coats and fur hats.

Painting, sculpture and cultural artefacts are present in the museum, making it one of the best places to see and experience Münster, whether you are an art lover or a history lover. You can also admire other artists here, which makes visiting this museum a good thing, even if you cannot decide which part best suits your interests. The Museum für Kunst und Geschichte, the largest museum of its kind in Germany, is definitely one of the things we did in Münster.

If you choose Münster, you should head to the historic city centre and spend some time at the Prinzipalmarkt, but explore the city and other places. If you want to find out more about Münster and the things that have nothing to do with the hustle and bustle of the city, you should go to the Aasee. You can also chase after the sun, because it is a beautiful day in Münster, and there is an all-weather zoo in Münster, which is only just being explored, especially with all the children running around.

North Rhine-Westphalia The "Land of unlimited possibilities" offers one of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany and a great city centre. Visit the Historic Highlights Germany website to visit lesser-known destinations or take a short trip to explore Münster and NRW.

Learn more about the long history of the city at the Munster City Museum. The Open Air Museum is located in the old town of Münster, near the cathedral and is also known as the Open Air Museum Mummelhof Münster. The bishop founded Vivastro in the 12th century with the help of his brother-in-law, Saint John the Evangelist.

On the way from the cathedral to the castle, the path leads you directly past the church and then through the old town and past the town hall.

The nearest international airport is Münster-Osnabrück Airport (FMO Greven), which can be reached from Münster train station in 34 minutes by express bus. Closer to the city is Düsseldorf Airport, which can be reached in just over 3 hours by train, or from Amsterdam via a change in Rheine to Munteram. The nearest domestic airport in Germany and the only one in the country with direct connections to Europe is Münster-Osnabrück. Airport that offers direct flights to and from Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin - Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne and Munich, and is half an hour's drive from both cities. In a few hours you can reach Dumfries and Gelsenkirchen Airport and in less than 3 hours you are in Munger.

Those who are travelling with family members may appreciate that the apartments near the Cathedral and the Prinzipalmarkt can comfortably sleep up to four. Near the city centre there are numerous restaurants, bars, shops, cafés, restaurants and hotels as well as a variety of museums and galleries.

If you are considering visiting Münster, you should plan your visit to make the most of this pretty city. If you are interested in a stay in nature or a bit of relaxation outdoors, Münster is more of a city to visit as soon as you arrive.

Until 1954, Münster Castle was housed in the Westphalian Wilhelms University and is by far the largest property in Münster. It is still inhabited by the Scholastica Palace, one of the most renowned universities in Germany, and the University of Munich.

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More About Munster