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Gerd Janson is playing what may be the first dance party in Europe in months in front of a socially distanced crowd of young people. Gleis, 22, was born in the highly acclaimed alternative music club in Munich, where live parties with predominantly independent rock music take place. RED PAINTINGS are on tour through Europe, going from a small club to a smaller club and living the life of the newcomer on the street.

You can attend or visit concerts in Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Vienna, Paris, London and other cities in the world.

If you're looking for something more typical, you might want to head to Café Extrablatt, which opened in the early 20th century, where you'll find tarte flambées and a sweet waffle. Münster has always had a large student body, as there are many restaurants, bars, shops, cafés, restaurants and cafés in different parts of the city. The most popular venue on Judefelder Straße is the Café extrabbatt and the Marktcafé on Domplatz. In the centre, you will find the typical Bullenkopp bar, where you can enjoy a good selection of beers, wines, cocktails and other drinks, as well as a variety of restaurants.

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One of the main attractions of the city is Münster Castle, where the Treaty of Münster was signed in 1776, ending the Thirty Years "War and establishing the Peace of Westphalia. Among the many features are a beautiful and relaxing lake, which is particularly suitable for barbecues on sunny days, and a promenade with a great environment that makes it an essential city to visit. The relaxed atmosphere creates a relaxed atmosphere and makes your stay in Munter an eventful and stimulating experience.

Münster was founded as a monastery by Frisian missionary Liudger to help Charlemagne in his campaign to rule over the Saxons. The castle Münster is located on the Aasee-Promenade and is today part of the university.

Münster has a long Catholic tradition and is now one of the fastest growing cities in Ireland, known for its university and administrative centre. Münster also has around 55,000 students, which keeps the atmosphere of the city fresh.

Because Münster has so many students, there are a number of cultural activities aimed at a younger audience. WWU Münster is one of Germany's most renowned universities and has been selected as the location for several excellence initiatives. There are many different courses of study that can be suitable for students of all ages, as well as for those interested in studying in the humanities, social sciences, arts, history, philosophy, economics, mathematics, economics, politics and economics.

Münster is also known for the churches that characterize the entire cityscape, including the Lambertikirche and the Klemenskirche. In Judefelder Straße, which is located in the north - west of the city centre, you will find many of Münster's best-known bands such as Die Hochschule, the Stadtbahn and Kulturwerk. Several popular bars and pubs have a strong focus on art and culture, as well as a wide range of food.

Although it is small in comparison, Münster is generally a small paradise, especially in summer. The relaxed atmosphere at the back of the stage gives visitors the feeling of being truly part of a "Münsterfestival." Despite its focus on European jazz, it offers a wide range of well-known names from the world of international jazz and lets its audience experience it first hand. While the festival offers listeners a variety of genres such as blues, rock, folk, pop and rock "n" roll, the focus on modern jazz sets the stage for a jazz festival in Münster, which offers a great opportunity to experience jazz at its best.

A speciality of North Rhine-Westphalia is the buttered rye bread roll, which is cut in half and topped with Gouda cheese and mustard. The cuisine of almost all countries of the world is represented at the festival, because Münster is not only one of the most popular destinations in Germany, but also a popular destination for gourmets from all over Europe. In Germany it is characterized by the fact that it does not have a "Munster" umlaut on the keyboard. It is known for its excellent wine and beer, as well as for its good food and drink.

The historic city is located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and is the capital of the administrative district of Münster. The town hall, the local council and the regional government are housed here.

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