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If you are looking for fun things to make your trip in Münster energetic and exciting, or if you want to explore some of the most important sights of Münster in Germany, you will find everything you need to know here. For more information, please purchase a copy of "Münster geht Aus" from the tourist office or have a look at our translated listing here. We will share the best things we did in Münster and find articles and tour tips for you.

If you want a really good map, you can buy Bollmanplan, Bildplan or Stadtplan Münster in the Poertgen Herder bookstore.

Westphalian cuisine is rich in historical backdrops, try Lees, a restaurant in the old town with a great view of the city center and a beautiful view.

German and Scottish craft beers, accompanied by the obligatory macro-lager and wheat, supported by a handful of Belgian and US beers. The food is also far better in terms of beer than the most depressing German, and you can try special Pinkus breweries in one of the many craft beer bars in the city centre. Located on the edge of the beautiful old town, KREUZSTRASSE 4 / 10, known for its good food, is a nice cozy place to enjoy a decent beer and good Westphalian food.

There is a fully equipped kitchen so you can go to the market to buy fresh local ingredients and then create your own meal instead of eating. Salam Kitchen is also working with refugees to create their dishes, and I think there could be quite a bit of comings and goings. The refugees work in the restaurant, but they are not the only ones working there, because they also cook with the refugees.

If you are looking for regional cuisine, you will be pleased to find that Deutsche Kuche lists more than 80 restaurants. Travellers wishing to explore the world's most popular restaurants in Munich should pay attention to the "Eating in the House" section of the website.

Accommodation is easy to find in the Münster area, and the local tourist office lists other accommodations. Visitors traveling with family members will appreciate the location of the apartments near the Cathedral and the Prinzipalmarkt, where four people can comfortably sleep. For drivers who do not mind short distances and no sights, the "Münsteraner Bahnhof" (see illustrated article) offers a comfortable experience.

If you have a budget and Munster has a large Couchsurfing community, you can log on to Couch and search for Backpacker Hostel. If you want to do green shopping in Münster, you can read our contribution here.

If you want to choose Münster, you should go to the historic city centre and have a look around the Prinzipalmarkt. If you are trying to find out about it and the things you do are not related to the hustle and bustle of the city, you should go to Lake Aa.

Those who arrive in Münster should first stop at one of the restaurants at Prinzipalmarkt.

On the first floor there is a small cheese museum where you can find information about cheese production, and on the second floor a restaurant with a wide selection of cheeses.

Learn more about the long history of the city at the Munster City Museum. The best thing for German-speaking visitors to this museum is that it covers the history of Münster over thousands of years and features special exhibitions. Paintings, sculptures and cultural artifacts are present in the museum, making it one of the best, if not the best places to visit and do it. You will also find exhibitions dedicated to other artists, which makes this a good place to see if you are an art lover or a history lover.

The cafeteria Aasee offers a wide selection of dishes for students and non-students, with vegetarian emphasis on Thursdays. Münster Information is open on weekdays from 7.30 am to 9 pm and on weekends and public holidays.

In addition to the main course, the restaurant offers its guests a side dish of potatoes, cabbage and other vegetables. During cooking, the meat is marinated in spices for a while and then fried with cabbage or other vegetables.

The menu of Krawummel is written on a large board and consists of over 1,000 different dishes, all in German. At the last review, it was 212 pages long and listed more than 30 categories, from African to Vietnamese. Kitchens from almost all countries of the world are represented, which gives the impression that Münster is not only one of the most diverse cities in Germany, but also Europe.

German restaurants often have delicious vegan and vegan dishes on their menus, it is not so convenient to choose 100 vegan places because you do not have to. You don't have to explore all the vegetables in Münster's food landscape, because there's just not much to find. It would be a mistake to overlook Münster, because this small town has an amazing amount to do. It is a lively place where you can visit historic churches and shop, but perhaps most impressive is the number of restaurants, bars, cafes and restaurants with a wide selection of vegan options.

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More About Munster